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07/99 - Last entry

Hello everyone. I'm sure your all sad to hear that yes, you read that right, this will be my LAST UPDATE EVERR!!!! Because.... drumroll please.... I got the internship!!!!! Turns out my way with code won them over :) which also yes, the ceo saw THIS site! I probably won't have that much time to put my journal entries here anymore, and I had to sign some non-disclosure business thingies as part of my new job. That and I still haven't figured out what's wrong with so many of the old entries that are just dead now, at this point I think just leaving this blog up as a cool time capsule of mine is best. Anyways, with my new internship I'm only allowed to talk about things that have had ads out, so I will say this: I am now working on Dragon Quest III!! WHAAAAT, right??? And let me say, it is going to be awesome!!!!

Well that's about it everyone! Its been great putting my journals online for people, but this is where our journey ends. May we meet again, in another life....

-CJ :)

Hacked??? So I went to look at some old stuff, walk down memory lane and... A bunch of stuff is gone! What!? I can't see any issues or changed to the code itself, but just the text on some of the old journals is all gone. Sort a creepy, no? Maaaybe I'll just quietly put it in a mental box of stuff not too think about...! Send me a message if anyone has also had this issue?! NIGHTMARES!!!! Anyone who reads these consistently probably knows about my sleep problem by now, but if you're not up to speed the quick version is: I've been having some awful reccurring dreams for a few months at this point and everything I've tried doesn't work. Somebody mailed me and suggested some chamomile- why hadn't I thought of it earlier?! Its worked a charm past few days!! I was thiiiiis close to just hiring somebody to hit me in the face with a bat to knock me out :P If anyone has any ideas on something that could help, send me a letter at CheeseJ789@webmail.com DRAGON QUEST II???!!!! I could'nt beleive my eyes!!!!! They're gracing us with a sequel to Dragon Quest!!! I'm sure I make it VERY clear how much the first game means to me. I mean its just so great!!! Worst part is now me (and all the other fellow Dragon Questers) will have to endure the wait (NOOOOOO!)!! If you've not been lucky enough to see anything, here's a picture of the billboard I saw today :) Old stuff Going down to the junkyard this weekend becu Pong set-up tutorial As requested, heres a tutorial for setting up Pong! This should actually work with any of these games Pong Marathon and Review! So I'll maybe make a tutorial if anyone is still a newbie with computers but want to play- send me a letter letting me know if you want to see that for my next entry! But anyway, on to the review! After I set everything up it ran pretty smooth, no complaints there. You have 3 save files available which is great if you have somebody else like an annoying sibling or cute girl (sigh) who you want to give their own file to; of course I'll just need the one :P You load it up and Overall I think its an average game, pretty enjoyable but nothing super out there. Final score... 6/10 ! Also check out the box art, I think its pretty awesome. Dropping out Yeah, crazy right? Bye bye university, hello... full time employment as a janitor. Sorry for no updates Well, I got an email asking where I had dissappeared to. So this is for anyone who might be worried: don't worry I promise I'm not going to let this blog shrivel up but I just haven't really been able to update on anything. Life stuff and all that, and I've just really not been feeling it. Sorry for the lack of updates but lifes just been boring and boringer Roni-riot! Was making Macaroni and cheese tonight and look how much I made! Macaroni-mayhem? Maca-maniac? Roni-riot? Yes, all of the above thanks!! Don't tell me, I know I'll just put the rest in the fridge and eat it tommorow but I cross my heart and hope to die this was supposed to be a serving just for me! Might see if the pigeons on the windowsill are at all interested. Mysterious pictures list This ones an extra special edition because one of these are gonna be MY OWN PICS... Don't read the descriptions and see if you can geuss which one! :P But here are some of the craziest pictures I found on the web and then also my own entries. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Coolest animals list Lets show off some animals I think are pretty groovy :) Sweetest gift ever -This entry is missing- Sorry everyone but I don't remember what was here originally :( Games night! -This entry is missing- Sorry everyone but I don't remember what was here originally :( Poseeee... new camera!! Not-so-secret crush.. :P -This entry is missing- Sorry everyone but I don't remember what was here originally :( Movin Downtown :P New apartment! Its a little crappy, but now I get to live right in the city :D Its close to the uni too, which is great because that also means its easier to see [[[[[[]]]]]]]] ;) maybe